Hi, I'm Freya and I love to create edible works of art. I make all of my cakes and cupcakes from scratch with fresh, quality ingredients to ensure that they look and taste fantastic. I hope you enjoy my blog that features some of my favorite projects.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Wow! A year has gone by since I made one of my first posts for Brynn's princess cupcakes. This year, it's all about Hello Kitty. My mom is going to be so jealous! I bought these cutters years ago on ebay with the intention of making actual cookies, but they work so great with fondant. I hope that everyone enjoyed eating these homemade marble cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting as much as I enjoyed making them.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I often say "I always wanted to make" this cake or that cake, but I actually never thought about making a Sonic cake. I was happy to make this really cool cake for a little boy in one of my Spanish classes at Noonday. His favorite color is blue and he loves this feisty little Hedgehog. Originally, this cake was supposed to be kind of a sheet cake, but I haven't done a super-challenging, cool cake in a while, so I wanted to make something where the end result was awesome. I love the way he turned out with that ultra-intense expression on his face. Thanks so much Yvette for letting me make Nicholas a super, Sonic cake.


From disco zombie to bucket head zombie, these toppers were, by far, the most difficult and time consuming toppers I have ever made--ever. Thank goodness they turned out okay. I just wanted to post them for posterity because I would be surprised if I ever get a request for them again. You never know.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I love, love, love these cupcakes! This photo was sent to me by an Etsy customer who ordered my rockclimbing set for her son's birthday. Personally, I think she rocked the cupcakes! So cool! Thanks for the picture DeeDee!