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Saturday, December 25, 2010


I have spent a couple of weeks working on all the little details of this cake for a phenomenal girl who is turning 13 soon. Faith's Mom sent me pictures of her feline friends that mean the world to her. Now, they are immortalized in fondant--of all things--as they whip up a little soiree for their favorite girl. Gotta love those little kitties.
Boo-Boo, the blue Abyssinian, hoists a big gift for her best pal.
Nessie, the ruddy silver Abyssinian, is always getting into mischief and has gotten a head-start on the gift opening.
Shelby is the lazy tabby curled up on Faith's kitty cat tee with a golden noisemaker to get the party started.

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  1. Thank you for making the perfect cake for the new teenage in our home. Your talent and detail made this the perfect cake. Can't wait to have it featured at Faith's birthday tomorrow!! Thank you so much!!! Ann (Faith's Mom)